Welcome | Entrance

HERE WE GO! I’m Tim Timpani and I´m going to show you the different stations in the "Haus der Musik" that are specially designed with you in mind!

There are lots of things to discover on the way up to the first floor!

Stairs made of piano keys? That’s something you’ll only find in “Haus der Musik”!

1. Floor | Vienna Philharmonic

You'll discover exciting stations all about the orchestra of the Vienna Philharmonic.

"I am Otto Nicolai": “Did you know that I lived in this building – today’s “Haus der Musik” – over 170 years ago?”

Musical dice game: Did you know that we took this idea from Mozart?

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra: Visit our movie theater and listen to the world-famous orchestra playing!

We leave the Vienna Philharmonic exhibition and go up to the second floor. There we submerge ourselves in a world of sound.

2. Floor | Sonotopia

Discover the world of sound!

Open your ears when you enter our "Origin Room". Stand on one of the ten floor markings. Listen carefully - guess the noise!

“Standing wave" or "Kundt´s tube": Every sound consists of moving air.

What do endless scales sound like? Listen to the  outside world like a baby in the womb. Test your  hearing limits or listen to music like a cat, owl or  tortoise.

Instrumentarium: You´ll find examples for each of the four types of sound generators.

Our "floating organ pipes" - direct your gaze upwards!

Our giant xylophone bars. Look up!

Instrumentarium: Our giant drum: Go ahead and hit my drum belly with the palm of your hand!

Our huge string instrument

Stand in the middle of the circle and lift a hand. You can already control the concert!

Welcome to the universe of sounds (Sonotopia Universe)!

Take a seat at one of the six tables. Now you can shape your own "Clong" - your "sound being" - with your hands!

We leave the world of sound and visit the great masters - the composers - on the 3rd floor.

3. Floor | Great Masters

Get to know the GREAT MASTERS - our world-famous composers.

The great composers as ghosts!

Joseph Haydn lived over 200 years ago and composed over 1500 pieces of music! A pretty busy man, right?

The prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart began to compose at the age of 5.

Ludwig van Beethoven: What did he look like? Look for the two masks of his face.

Look for the old piano in the Schubert room and try to imagine how he came up with his approximately 600 "Lied" compositions!

Dance to his music and imagine you are at an elegant dance party, a ball!

Are you in a forest? Then you´re in the right place! He loved nature and birdsong: They were the inspiration for his most beautiful music!

The influence and music of Arnold Schönberg and his students Anton Webern and Alban Berg are called "Second Viennese School".

Virtual conductor and shop

4. Floor | Virtual Conductor

Virtual Conductor and Shop

The Virtual Conductor: Now you can try your luck as a conductor and lead an orchestra. Have fun!

"Reset your ears!" Do you hear the silence?

Museum shop and music certificates

Thank you for your visit!